Our Erdani team provides high-level translation of various documents in a wide range of fields, including specialized areas.

We translate various reports, scientific articles, speeches,books, press releases, clinical / non-clinical research documents, publication materials, conference materials, training materials, manuals, audit materials, etc. in a wide range of fields such as politics, economics, finance, management, information technology, medical services, medicine, law, legal issues, culture, tourism and Sports in more than 30 Central and East Asian languages with different types of
documents. Our team of translators, supervisors and project managers with a high sense of solidarity to create high quality products. We employ highly qualified specialists who have experience in translating all forms of documents in all fields according to your
With regard to the client's order, we consider the translation work according to the content, purpose and objective of the work. work according to content, purpose, deadline and budget and offer optimal translation services. From the time of the order to the selection of translators and reviewers, through progress management and final delivery confirmation, we respond responsibly to our customers.

We are currently working with more than 30 languages, among which our translators with the highest proficiency in the languages of the CIS, Central and East Asia, have implemented a number of major projects and received a large number of of orders from clients with high ratings.

With the increasing presence of Japanese companies in the rapidly growing CIS market, which has 280 million customers and accounts for 4% of the world's population, Yerdani's team of translators and reviewers, who understand the local conditions of this market well, strive every day to provide translation services of the highest quality.  

Due to the rapid expansion of the Eurasian Economic Union market is rapidly expanding, clients such as large manufacturers of consumer electronics, information electronics manufacturers, information and communication technology companies and general trade companies, require strict quality of translation from/to Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Japanese Mongolian, Uighur and other languages and provide the best results, which is highly appreciated by our customers, that is highly appreciated by clients. Thanks to this, the number of regular customers is growing every day. In order to meet our clients' high quality requirements, we provide a service of translation and interpretation services with high quality, we provide translation services only by experienced and specialized translators. We select professional translators
appropriately, determine whether the language skills and experience of the translators translators, and manage the translation schedule.

Our translators, editors and project managers in Central and East Asian languages have participated in large-scale translation projects and and translated thousands of pages in fields such as biotechnology, technology space technology, IT technology, industrial manufacturing technology, etc, medical services, etc., earning the trust of leading companies and government agencies around the world.

In addition to CAT (SDL Trados, Memsource, memoQ, WordFast, Omega, etc.), We use our own Translation Memory technology, which increases from order to order, which allows us to do large quantities of translation in in a short time.

We efficiently translate various manuals operation / technical specifications / introductory manuals / manuals operation / maintenance / inspection / service manuals/ Quick start guides / Reference materials from / into the languages of Central and East Asian languages.

Translation of fiction, manuals, scientific literature, design and tender documentation, regulatory and legal documents, official and business documents, advertising and marketing materials (articles, catalogs, booklets)

Adapting marketing content to meet the cultural and economic norms of target foreign markets while preserving the original meaning of the original

Translation of both small orders and long-term projects, creation of project and industry glossaries, individual project manager, 24/7 translation, modern translation technologies

Quality control at all stages of implementation: a range of automatic and semi-automatic checks aimed at the high quality of the final materials, thanks to a team of strong experts with extensive knowledge and extensive relevant experience