Erdani company has established itself as an expert in providing interpretation services. Our experts will help not only to select a professional interpreter, but also provide a range of services that will completely solve the problems associated with the provision of linguistic services to the project.

Our company provides local interpreters who know the cultural characteristics and mentality of their country. Therefore, we guarantee that the client will be satisfied with our interpretation service.

The main feature of our team of interpreters is to understand the mentality of locals as locals and to take into account the actions, requests and attitudes of our clients, taking into account the thinking, vision and feelings of the clients.

Our policy is to provide our clients with an environment in which, if they hire our interpreters, they do not have to speak over and over again so that their partner guesses what the client is saying, that is, so that the client does not have to do the same job all over again. We accept only one principle: "The client came, the client saw, the client won". We assure you that we will create the best possible conditions so that you can make the best use of your precious time, making the most of our interpreter's local know-how, and realizing your goals in a short period of time.

Based on our experience in providing interpreter and translator services for a long time, there have been unexpected factors that could not have been foreseen, and an interpreter who has traveled a long way from another country has fallen ill, resulting in the disruption of a client's plans. There are always a lot of unpredictable risks, such as a lack of competence in specific areas, which prevents effective negotiations, etc. Because people are people, interpreters sometimes get sick, make mistakes, even sometimes tell untruths. In this sense, we keep several interpreters on site just in case, so that our clients' work is always successful. In the unlikely event that our translator fails to show up for work, we will immediately arrange for the same level of translation. You don't need to worry about that, just focus on your work.

We trust our team's interpreters. There are strong and weak professionals in every field of interpreting, so we only send interpreters who are good in that field to respond to client requests. Our large database of interpreters registered with our company allows us to do this. We have a database that other companies do not have, and we select interpreters at the right level and the right fee for our clients.

The teamwork of our project members and our experienced translators are the two pillars of our clients' trust. As a rule, clients once contacted become regular customers of our company, and we have established mutually beneficial relationships with each other for a long time.

Our interpreters have experience in high-level government negotiations, international conferences, symposiums, seminars, military, diplomacy, trade, medical care, IT, industry and international trade transactions, etc.

Another important feature of our team of interpreters is that we know the local situation well, so to solve problems faced by clients, sudden change of meeting time, change of interview partner, meeting cancellation, etc., we use flexible approach and quickly find the necessary solutions. We are flexible, quickly find the necessary contacts and contacts, request new meetings and interviews that were not planned, as well as booking accommodation, organizing transportation, giving various advice on spending free time, providing guides to the sights of the city.

Simultaneous/Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Online translation (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet)

Whispered interpreting

Guide-interpreter services