Creating and translating video content

Our company provides a wide range of services for translation of video content into Central and East Asian languages.

Translation and dubbing services for films, audio and video clips:

- Production of transcription (transcript) of the audio track;

- Professional video text translation;

- Inserting timecodes, arranging lines by role, arranging the translated text under the original timing;

- Dubbing by professional voice actors and actors with the possibility of selecting speakers. Dubbing can be full, that is, with the creation of a new soundtrack, as well as executed by the method of "off-screen translation" - with speech on a background of muted original sound;

- Localization of video, replacement of titles, captions, overlaying subtitles;

- Replacement of musical accompaniment of the clip or film;

- Game scoring;

- Creating advertising, marketing, news, and more