Software localization

Software localization involves adapting software for use in different languages and in different regions, taking into account the cultural and legal norms in force there.

Localization is a complex and comprehensive operation, so the customer must take into account the factor of its use in a multinational country as early as at the stage of software development. Localization is not limited to translating the interface into another language. It is a multi-level operation, the first steps of which can be performed even leaving the interface untouched, while the last ones require the interaction of programmers, designers and translators.

Our company has been using its own localization methods for many years, which are a mix of the efforts and enthusiasm of IT and language translation specialists that make up Erdani's friendly team. These methods include provision of language support and national standards - the bare minimum necessary to make the software function in another country, correct operation in localized operating system, software adaptation measures, so that it will comply with product laws of the target country (creation and translation of documentation in target language, including adaptability of patents, antitrust laws, personal data storage and printing laws, etc.), interface adaptability (preparation of localized fonts, etc.), general and specific localization methods.

We offer not only translations that meet all language and industry standards, but also site and software adaptations that take into account the unique cultural and religious sensitivities of each region. Our localization possibilities are almost unlimited: hundreds of translators, editors and proofreaders, who are not only native speakers, but also professionals in the field of software development, provide invariably high quality when working with Central and East Asian languages.

By contacting us, you get a high quality localized product based on the expertise of our translators and programmers!